Monday, May 2, 2011


I realized in my last post that I wrote about the journey but not about the life of JC. JC's beautiful days here, his presence with us, were so precious that I want to record just a few. Below is one for every month we waited for JC and for each month he was here with us. They may not have happened quite in that order or quite in that month, but they stand out in my mind.

  • T-9 and counting: The day Jimmy told us during the church greeting, "I'm going to be a father!" There is no bright enough decription for the light in his eyes or the pride in his chest.
  • T-8 and counting: The weeks talking to Cindy in which she recounted morning sickness. Ever like Cindy, she never really complained, no matter how much we invited her to.
  • T-7 and counting: Cindy finally begins to note that her belly is getting big.
  • T-6 and counting: Jimmy appears so much more protective of Cindy...or is that just the baby he's protecting?
  • T-5 and counting: Despite looking pregnant now, Cindy still works like mad for the church, seeming to have endless energy.
  • T-4 and counting: We are starting to guess about JC's personality as he moves around inside his mother.
  • T-3 and counting: Watching Cindy glow as the days grow shorter
  • T-2 and counting: With Christmas on the way, we are reminded of the holy family as we rejoice at the birth of our savior and await the birth of this new sweet baby.
  • T-1 and counting: Occasionally, we women don't see Cindy (sometimes she's just down in the fellowship hall) and so we accost Jimmy...but no, the baby is not here yet!
  • JC's here! We've been waiting for you!
  • Month 1: Such a sweet little one--always watching, trying always to keep those little eyes open.
  • Month 2: Listening to Cindy tell JC's birth story--every birth is always such a miracle!
  • Month 3: Cindy takes JC to the nursery for feedings. Cindy's constant positive attitude and cheerful talk are so appreciated! (And the cute sweet little JC makes it even better!)
  • Month 4: Love seeing Jimmy with JC strapped to him.
  • Month 5: Such a happy JC! Always happy to smile at the other ladies!
  • Month 6: JC is so fun to hold that the church ladies have run off with him, and Cindy is running around asking, "But where is my baby?"
  • Month 7: Love listening to JC giggle in the church stairwell.
  • Month 8: I can feel Jimmy and Cindy's love as parents as they pray for the seizures of my own little one at church, laying their hands on him with the elders.
  • Month 9: JC is roaming the church now during service! :) How we love to see him go!
  • Month 10: Even a child is known by his actions! JC's smile and outgoing, laid-back personality make him loved everywhere.
  • Month 11: Trying to play with the big boys. JC is constantly mimicking the older children in an effort to play!
  • Month 12: One year with our precious JC!!
  • Month 13: Even sick, JC is determined to be joyful.
  • Month 14: I hear JC singing in the background as I talk to his parents on the phone. What a lovely voice!
  • Month 15: I hear stories about JC in the church by the hospital, so sick but lifted by prayer and loving parents.
  • Month 16: Cindy mentions how much JC wants to go out. It breaks our hearts when a little one is sick, but we thank God for JC's outgoing personality.
  • Month 17: Ever praying, ever hoping, we are bolstered by the lovely JC and by the love, strength, and faith of his parents.
  • Month 18: I talk to Cindy in California. I hear JC. My heart is lifted both by his precious voice and his calls for "엄마!"
  • Month 19: It is good to hear that JC has friends in California.
  • Month 20: I am bolstered by another call from Cindy. How pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity! Praising God for finding a family and support for Cindy, Jimmy, and JC in California (and wishing California and Pennsylvania were a little closer!).
  • Month 21: JC has a little friend in California!
  • Month 22: God is sending gold dust to comfort Jimmy and Cindy. We know he remembers and loves JC.
  • Month 23: I see JC's pictures at Shasta Dam and suddenly I understand the gold dust and Psalm 42:7-8 make sense. I know JC and his family are exactly where God has put them. Praise the Lord for his neverending love!
  • Month 24: I see Cindy's pictures of JC squatting like a little 아저씨. He is still Korean, even in California!
  • Month 25: Loving the photos of JC in his parents arms--smiling next to Cindy in her profile photo, lifted high up in the woods by Jimmy.
  • Month 26: Praising God for the last days with JC. Praising him for the moments that his parents can still hold him in their arms, can still hear his voice, touch his hair, smell his skin... May the Lord preserve these memories in their hearts.
  • Month 27: Knowing that JC is whole in his Heavenly Father's arms, even though we still want him in our own. Thanking God for the opportunity for JC to be cradled in his parents arms and praise as he was lifted to his Heavenly Father during his last moments on earth.

I am so priviliged to have been blessed with knowing this JC! He is not forgotten and is so loved.

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