Saturday, November 12, 2011

Magical Morning

So Grandpa gave us the DVD from his Blu-Ray Harry Potter Combo pack, and the boys have seen it about six times already.  These viewings have been supplemented with other films from the series as they are airing (some would say ad nauseum) on the ABC Family Channel.

And so it was that, wakened out of a sound sleep by a series of loud bangs and a shout from the downstairs, I catapulted down the steps to find my eldest gripping a wooden chopstick.  "I pranked you pretty good with my loud spell, didn't I?" he giggled.

Half an hour later, we were joined by the little one, who also picked up his wooden chopstick and shoved a third at me.

"He's Harry.  I'm Ron.  You're the Mione."

It's nice to know my children are starting to pick up English noun markers, even if they get them confused from time to time.

We ate our breakfast, the little one relishing the pumpkin soup since he knows Harry drinks pumpkin juice (close enough, right?).  The big one, who believes you-are-what-you-eat, is willing to try a Harry diet, but only if it doesn't include too many vegetables.

As I washed the breakfast dishes, though, I noticed that two little ghosts in a snowman and Steelers blanket were stealing the Kit Kats from Daddy's care package (and dropping the wrappers on the floor). 

"Hey!  Pick up those wrappers and get out of that box!"

"Shhhh!" hissed the snowman blanket.  "We're not ghosts.  These are invisibility cloaks!  You can't see us." 

"C'mon, Ron," said the Steeler with a very bad British accent.  "Time to leave Honeydukes."

A few minutes later I heard the little one's voice from the living room.  "The Mione is a lot nicer in the movie."

The mean old Mione smiled, picked up candy wrappers, and was grateful for the magical morning while childhood still lasts.


  1. OMG, Elizabeth, this is awesome! Your stories of your little guys are so entertaining. They seem to take imagination to a whole new level.

  2. Glad you liked it, Sue. I'm looking forward to your next post as well.