Saturday, October 15, 2011


I am writing this post in awe.  Sometimes the way God works is too weird, but this is the third time now...

I guess it starts with a phone call.  At some ungodly hour (i.e., long before the school bus and still before the late autumn sunrise), my husband's cell phone rang.  I glanced at the phone, ready to answer, but recognized that it was a Korean number (we never answer Korean numbers but always call back using a phone card to avoid international charges--I repeat, avoid charges, not people).

Things have not been happy lately.  Not bad, per se, but stressful.  There is some work transitioning going on (where in the country isn't there?), and some of us are not transition-friendly people.  And others of us have just run out of ideas.

So, of course, in addition to brainstorming and getting stuff out there, there is a lot of praying going on. And when the praying doesn't work, I pawn it off on God and ask Him to rally the troops and have other people pray for us and remember us.  And as odd (and self-centered) as it may sound, this strategy often works.  I start praying like this, and things start to happen (apparently the troops God rallies are more effective intercessors than I am)!  And I get calls from people telling me they're thinking of me.

But this morning, my mother-in-law, a devout Buddhist, called and was the answer to my prayer. 

Yes, I know how incredibly heretical that may sound, but this is the third time we have been linked by prayer.  Nearly six years ago as God and I were having it out over a siblng for my oldest son, my MIL had a dream a boy was coming into the family.  Of course, she thought it was my SIL who was pregnant at first, but I am convinced that it gave my husband confidence that this baby was right for us at that moment (I knew it was right for other reasons).

Then, this past year, I had a vision of angels bandaging my MIL's knee, and I just couldn't shake that something was wrong in the family.  I kept hinting that my husband should call.  I didn't really want to push him over the crazy edge with a vision or the worry edge with a bad feeling, so it took a while to get him to actually do it.  But it turned out that my SIL had surgery--things were not well.  And, by the way, my MIL's knee was so bad that she stopped cleaning the floors on her hands and knees and started using a mop.  If you knew how much this woman loves clean, you would understand just how significant that change is.

Then, of course, there was this morning.  I can't tell you what this morning meant to me.  To hear my SIL's and MIL's voices coming out of the phone and to just know from the pit of my being that this was part of the response to my prayers--even though they, in their formless worried suspected the little son was the problem (who wouldn't?  In his meager 5 years, he has amassed 3-4 ambulance rides.  I swear he is trying to send me right over the proverbial edge!)--I knew it was for my husband in this time of change and that it was prompting.

And more than that, I knew it was a reminder, "Be still and know that I am God."  For almost a year God has been impressing this verse on me and it's relation to Buddhist thought.  If even a Buddhist is still, they will know (or perhaps if I am still, I will know). "You will seek me and find me when you seek for me with all your heart."

Is it synchronicity?  Am I wrongly interpreting coincidence in a bizarre case of confirmation bias or is this form of inductive reasoning right in this case?

I don't know.  But I believe.  Once again, the answers aren't neat.  They aren't immediate.  The problems aren't solved yet.

But the response was beautiful.  It was enough to keep going.

Yes.  He is absolutely able to do IMMEASURABLY more than all I can ask or imagine.  I couldn't have imagined that.  But it was perfect.

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